Program Overview

Lovett provides opportunities for students to try new things, explore their potential, and develop their skills and talents. Nowhere is that more true than in athletics. Lovett's athletics program is an essential facet to the school philosophy, which seeks to develop the whole child--including physically. From movement education in the early childhood program through competitive varsity sports, students gain a broad exposure to the importance of physical activity.Interscholastic competition is available from grades 7–12, and 80 percent of Lovett’s students compete in one or more of the 65 teams fielded in 16 sports. The school is proud of its rich history of success. Lovett’s varsity teams have won more than 110 state championships, and since 1981, 70 Lovett athletes have been named High School All Americans in 10 sports. All of these accomplishments have yielded a tremendous amount of “Riverbank Pride.”

2014 Girls Track State Champs
Beyond individual excellence, the athletic program promotes personal traits--including commitment, discipline, team cooperation, individual leadership, sportsmanship, and consideration of others--that are vital to the success of the Lovett Athletics Program, where students not only play to have fun and to improve--but also to win.

Lovett's athletics facilities are among the best in the Southeast, and include a stadium, three gymnasiums, a natatorium, baseball and softball fields, 10 tennis courts, a 400-meter track, four practice fields, and a sports medicine center. In Fall 2015, the LEED Gold certified, 40,000-square-feet Murray Athletic Center will be completed to provide Lovett with a multipurpose gymnasium (named in honor of legendary coach Jim Glasser), student and faculty locker rooms, a fitness and weight training center, and concession and restroom facilities for spectators attending events on Railey Field.

Top-quality coaching, sports medicine, and training and conditioning staff encourage our athletes to perform to the best of their abilities, both on the field and in the classroom. Resistance training for injury prevention and improved performance is an important part of the Lovett athletic experience and is maintained in both in-season and off-season programs. Four full-time staff members ensure that Lovett students are better prepared, have more strength, and are at less risk for injury.

Our students’ performance off the field is just as important as that during competitive play. For this reason, the Athletics Department has developed programming for athletes and coaches to encourage sportsmanship and moral leadership, as well as positive support from coaches, parents, and fans. Because so many of life’s lessons can be learned through athletic participation, athletics is a natural place for us to teach our students the importance of integrity, courage, compassion, respect, responsibility, and honesty--the core virtues expressed in the Lovett Character Pledge.

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