Academic Resource Center

Research tells us that children learn in a variety of ways. Understanding and addressing these differences helps the Academic Resource Center to be more effective in preparing students to succeed both on campus and in the world. We strive to develop our students’ comfort and confidence in the classroom while invigorating their love of learning.

Academic Resource Center programs:

Learning Specialists

A student with a diagnosed learning difference may be referred to a learning specialist for one-on-one or small group support with study skills, content-area comprehension, organization, and time management. Our learning specialists demonstrate and apply strategies and techniques to best assist the whole child. They offer their support to all learners in classrooms, at lunchtime, and during study hall. They participate on Student Support Teams in all three divisions, partnering with teachers to support classroom success for all students.


Any student experiencing academic difficulty may be referred for tutoring services. We employ part-time tutors in all divisions and their services are available on campus during the school day. All tutors are college graduates and content experts. Many are former teachers who choose to work part-time as tutors.


One of the Middle School’s rotating classes in which all sixth graders participate is the Reading Strategies course. It is designed to solidify and advance techniques that will encourage students to become more effective readers and to accept the challenge to read difficult books. In addition to that required course, sixth, and seventh grade students who have a demonstrated need to further develop fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills are enrolled in a year-long reading class to support and improve these skills.


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