Leaving a Legacy: The Jones Family Celebrates Lovett
Posted 07/21/2014 12:00AM

When their oldest child started kindergarten at The Lovett School last fall, Justin and Jessica Jones established a new routine: Justin would drop Gunner off in the morning, and Jessica would pick him up in the afternoon.

For the busy parents of three—and soon to be four—young children, the arrangement just made sense. But it has offered an unexpected benefit: a chance for the 1997 Lovett graduates to reflect on the place that shaped their own lives.

“There’s more introspection than you’d expect,” Justin says. “Every day, as I watch my son run into the building, wearing a uniform similar to the one I wore, I think about my time at Lovett and the impact it had.”

Justin and Jessica point to the small classes and strong academics at The Lovett School as foundational to their college success: for Jessica at Southern Methodist University and for Justin at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Georgetown University.

But the influence of the school goes beyond college. Justin’s career has taken him to Singapore, London, and New York City. Now, as vice president of international business at Heritage Plastics, Inc., Justin praises Lovett’s whole-child philosophy, which teaches students to thrive and contribute in any environment.

A member of the Lovett Legacy Society Committee, as well as a legacy donor himself, Justin has been active in asking his peers to consider leaving a legacy at Lovett to build the school’s endowment. “This is our way of paying it forward,” he says. “The key to a strong and sustainable financial future for Lovett is the Legacy Society. A more substantial endowment is the only way I can see to keep up with the school’s growing capital demands. Without this, our grandchildren may not have the Lovett opportunity.”

“We had such wonderful experiences,” Jessica adds. “We want Lovett to continue to create wonderful experiences for today’s children, too.”

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