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Location & Climate

Ecuador straddles the equator between Colombia and Peru. Blessed with four geographic ranges, including the Galapagos Islands, tourism is welcomed.

The capital, Quito, at 9,200 ft. is the starting point of any journey to Siempre Verde. From Quito one travels north to Otavalo, the picturesque weaving village and Indian Market, and then west to the village of Santa Rosa in the Imbabura Province. 

Situated at an elevation range of 6,500-11,000 feet, Siempre Verde lies south of the River Taobunchi and west of the Volcano Cotacachi, and is contiguous with the Cotacachi Cayapas Preserve, the largest in Ecuador.

Though located only a few kilometers from the equator, the annual temperature range is 12-14 degrees celsius at night and up to 27 degrees celsius during the day (55-80 degrees fahrenheit). Rainy season usually begins late October through early May, and the dry season June through September/October. Even in the rainy season, mornings are often free of rain and very pleasant.

Map of Reserve 

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