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Your Dollars at Work
Posted 05/04/2016 11:42AM

Student Scholarships & Faculty Leader Stipends
A total of $3,666 from the Constance and Robert Braddy Siempre Verde Scholarship and Frankel Fund (as well as two other scholarship funds) allowed five partial scholarships for students this year. In addition, four teaching stipends were given to Lovett faculty returning to lead or teach summer student trips. These funds are essential to maintaining the high caliber of faculty and students that make our trips so rewarding.

Support for Local Schools and Education Programs
Through donations and earnings from the sale of items in the Lovett Campus shop, we continue to support the Parents Association in Santa Rosa to cover the cost of bus transport from Santa Rosa to the high school in Apuela. This past year, our total financial support of the school was $1,950. This money helps supplement the school lunches at the Rio Cenepa school with fresh fruit and vegetables. We also bought new soccer uniforms for the community team, which was greatly appreciated.

New playground equipment at Rio Cenepa
Students participating in The Cloudforest Classroom added a new service project for the Rio Cenepa. Funds from the trip were used to purchase new playground equipment. Students joined community’s Parents’ Association in a one day minga, or community workday to install the new swings and carousel. Our students enjoyed spending the day working with the parents, and playing with the students, while making a positive impact on their school experience.

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