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Art & The Environment
Posted 05/04/2016 11:37AM

Students in the art course worked on printmaking, drawing, painting, and photography, using the diversity found in the natural landscapes of Ecuador, as well as the local culture to inspire and inform their art. In addition, the unique location and surrounding environment permitted an exploration of themselves as artists.

The art students also worked with our partners at the Casa Palabra y Pueblo in the nearby town of Apuela on several service projects. They worked with a Peace Corps volunteer to design and paint a variety of pre-Columbian style murals, including depictions of frogs, birds, fish, and turtles. This project was an excellent opportunity for these students to use their talents to serve the community, and also improve their skills as muralists for the course. 

Students’ Artist Statements:

“Through the exploration of printmaking, watercolor and photography, I was able to connect to the environment and culture in a new and unique way.” —Mary Louise Kehaya (St. Paul’s ’16)

“The beauty and culture of Ecuador has allowed me to learn more over the last two weeks than I ever could over a semester.” —Samantha Jones (Lovett ’18)

“…An outstanding experience that will change the way I will view art forever ” —Harrison Jones (Lovett ’18)


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