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The Middle School Trip
Posted 05/04/2016 11:34AM

The Middle School trip to Siempre Verde is an amazing, eye-opening experience. The chance to visit this magical place, to unplug from the frenetic activity of our daily lives is such a gift. Where else can you ask adolescents to leave their phones at home for ten days?

Perhaps my favorite parts of the trip are the opportunities we have to meet around the dinner table and share our day’s experiences with one another. We tell stories, laughing and joking, reliving our victories over hikes, and who helped us when we fell. Our lives at home are so busy; it’s a real treasure to be able to enjoy a meal and camaraderie. As a teacher, it is wonderful to get to know the kids in this extraordinary setting. Most importantly, our group returns to Lovett to begin eighth grade with this amazing shared experience and the desire to return.

Our students say it best:

“I look back on this trip almost everyday, and I know that I have to return in the future.”—Kendall Greene

“As school starts to get more stressful, I find myself reliving the moments from the lodge and hikes … and longing for them more and more. Siempre Verde was absolutely and completely magical and I can’t wait to go back.”—Towner Schunk

Jennifer Murphy

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