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In 1992, Lovett purchased a piece of cloudforest property in Ecuador for the purpose of creating a protected preserve and establishing a research center to support tropical conservation education.

Siempre Verde, which translates to "Forever Green," offers U.S. and Ecuadorian students an opportunity to learn conservation methods through research and the exchange of ideas. Alternative means of earning a living--rather than cutting the forests for timber, pasture, or for crops--are a central education issue.As an educational institution, the 825-acre Siempre Verde fosters an awareness of all aspects of the natural sciences. Birdwatching, nature walks (during the day and night), and research studies occupy the majority of the day. Groups are also encouraged to participate in a community service project in the nearby village of Santa Rosa. Over the past several years, Lovett students have raised money to help construct the local school and they have donated athletic, educational, and art material for the students.

The Robert and Connie Braddy Research Station features sleeping and dining accommodations for 28 people and a large laboratory for studies in botany, zoology, entomology, etc. Lovett's facility is available for use by all schools, public and independent, as well as college and university groups.

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