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When Clouds Clear
A documentary film and web project focusing on the Intag region of  Ecuador, created by Lovett alumni Anne Slick and Danielle Bernstein (Learn more on their Facebook page)



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Did You Know?

  • Since 1993, Siempre Verde has had Bosque Protector (Protected Forest) status from the Ecuadoran government.
  • Only 1–2.5 percent of all forests worldwide are considered cloudforests and only one-third
    of these are protected forests.
  • An estimated 93 percent of all cloudforests in Ecuador have already been cut down.
  • Cloudforests can occur at altitudes ranging from 500 m to 4000 m with rainfall amounts varying between 500 mm to 6000 mm (6 m!).
  • In July 2009, we installed a weather station at Siempre Verde. In the first year of data, the lodge received 2170.6 mm (85.5 in) of rain.